I’ve been a fan of Matt’s for a while now and I’m glad that he decided to compile some of his comics into a collection. ‘Jumblaya!’ is a very diverse collection, 13 in total. There’s a little bit for everyone, romance, betrayal, robots. Matt does a good job of telling compelling stories within a limited amount of pages. The featured stories in this collection are ‘Eight Legs One Demand’, ‘Conversations in Orbit’, ‘Mortal Kourting’ and my favorite, ‘The Darkshore Detectives #1’. Not only do the stories suck you in but the art is top notch as well. I can’t wait for Volume 2

You can get a hold of a copy of this Anthology at http://bit.ly/jumblaya

And make sure to check out all the other stuff Matt is doing over at http://www.inkwellian.com/