Doyle – The main character of Underwhelmed. He’s a little pudgy kid that loves video games, tv, and food. Hates any physical activity.


Gunther- Doyle’s best friend.
Kind of a nerd, wears a fanny pack.
Loves playing video games with Doyle and
likes reading comic books.


Tuesday- Doyle’s younger sister.
She is usually the causes of
whatever is troubling Doyle.


Kate- Doyle’s older sister. She has the
ability to always get what she wants.


Freddie- Doyle’s schoolmate.
She and Doyle get on each other’s nerves


Ted- Doyle and Gunther’s friend.
Ted is in to conspiracy theories,
and thinks everyone’s out to get him.
Very pale, spends most of his time in his



Fat Daddy -The school’s cook. Has an unconventional way of cooking. Originaly created by my Dad.



Melvin -The resident Nerd. He gets a little hot headed. Very opinionated about his comic books and movies



Eugene -Melvin’s best friend and worst enemy wrapped up in one. Eugene always antagonizes Melvin about comic books and stuff.


Hank and Gary- Doyle and Gunther’s
school mates, they are always playing
practical jokes.



The Girl Scouts - Doyle is always trying to get free cookies from them.