Doyle – The main character of Underwhelmed. He’s a little pudgy kid that loves video games, tv, and food. Hates any physical activity.


Gunther– Doyle’s best friend.
Kind of a nerd, wears a fanny pack.
Loves playing video games with Doyle and
likes reading comic books.


TuesdayDoyle’s younger sister.
She is usually the causes of
whatever is troubling Doyle.


KateDoyle’s older sister. She has the
ability to always get what she wants.


FreddieDoyle’s schoolmate.
She and Doyle get on each other’s nerves


TedDoyle and Gunther’s friend.
Ted is in to conspiracy theories,
and thinks everyone’s out to get him.
Very pale, spends most of his time in his



Fat Daddy -The school’s cook. Has an unconventional way of cooking. Originaly created by my Dad.



Melvin -The resident Nerd. He gets a little hot headed. Very opinionated about his comic books and movies



Eugene -Melvin’s best friend and worst enemy wrapped up in one. Eugene always antagonizes Melvin about comic books and stuff.


Hank and GaryDoyle and Gunther’s
school mates, they are always playing
practical jokes.



The Girl Scouts Doyle is always trying to get free cookies from them.