Gunther tries to get Doyle into exercise…

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Gunther and Doyle outside. Gunther has a headband on.
Gunther: "Alright Doyle, we are going to get in shape."
Doyle: "What do you mean?"
Panel 2: Background has changed and a arm with a pointer is tracing a circle around Doyle's gut.
Doyle: "I'm already in a shape. The shape of roundness."
Panel 3: Gunther is yelling at Doyle. Doyle is uneasy with the words Gunther is saying.
Gunther: "No not like that! We're going to do some pushups. So drop and give me 20, MAGGOT!"
Panel 4: Gunther is looking down at Doyle who is now out of view.
Gunther: "Never seen someone pass out from just the thought of a push up."